World’s first vertiport showcase in Singapore

In 2019, in collaboration with Volocopter, Skyports developed the world’s first vertiport prototype in Marina Bay, Singapore.

Cergy Pontoise vertiport technology demonstrator

Skyports is developing Europe’s first full-scale testbed at the Cergy Pontoise Airfield, Paris, France. The site will be used by Skyports and leading vehicle manufacturers for testing and demonstrating flight operations, ground infrastructure , technology integration, and the passenger experience.

Skyports London Heliport

Skyports owns and operates one of only two commercial heliports in London. The heliport, located in Canary Wharf, serves as a node in the London vertiport network and is an active testbed for new technology solutions.

Autonomous eVTOL integration Concept of Operations

In partnership with leading autonomous aircraft developer, Wisk, Skyports developed a Concept of Operations to identify how autonomous eVTOL aircraft and operators will integrate with vertiport infrastructure.