Elevating Mobility

Skyports is a mobility company developing and operating landing infrastructure for the electric air taxi revolution, as well as operating cargo drone deliveries

Our mission

To change the way people and packages move around our communities

To reduce congestion and pollution through on-demand, electric aviation

To connect communities with fast, frequent and cost effective transport

Backed by

Our investors comprise some of the world’s leading aviation and transport infrastructure providers.

Partner with us

Whether you’re a landlord looking to incorporate landing infrastructure into your property or an organisation looking to incorporate drone delivery into your supply chain, there is a proven Skyports solution for you.

Get in touch to discuss your needs.

For all media enquiries, please contact: skyports@templemerepr.co.uk

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    We’ve joined Airports Council International (ACI) Asia-Pacific as a World Business Partner to expand our work with airports in the Asia Pacific region. Find out what this means for Skyports, for airports and for the future of advanced air mobility in an interview with our Head of APAC Yun-yuan Tay.

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    Skyports in pioneering the design and construction of take-off and landing infrastructure for air taxis in major cities...

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    Metropolitan areas including Miami and Orlando have emerged as potential early adopters of urban air mobility flights aboard electric aircraft. But this new mode of travel won’t take off unless UAM companies make the right business decisions about where to locate their vertiports and win permission from local authorities to build these landing pads.