Elevating Mobility

Landing Infrastructure

Skyports secures, designs, builds, owns and operates passenger and cargo vertiports enabling safe and efficient flight operations within urban and suburban environments.

Passenger Cargo
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Drone Deliveries

Skyports develops, implements and operates end-to-end drone deliveries overcoming inefficiencies associated with traditional transportation methods.

Medical E-commerce Logistics
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Key Facts
2023 will be the year of the first commercial passenger flights in major cities around the world
Permanent cargo operations are starting to scale up in many locations around the world
100,000 passenger drones expected to be operational by 2050

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Whether you’re a landlord looking to incorporate landing infrastructure into your property or an organisation looking to replace your traditional supply chain with drone logistics, there is a proven Skyports solution for you.

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Skyports in the News

Flying taxi takes off for the first time in Singapore | The Straits Times

The Straits Times toured our VoloPort and talked to Skyports Managing Director Duncan Walker and Volocopter CEO Florian Reuter

Full-scale prototype landing pad for air taxis unveiled in Singapore | Channel News Asia

Channel News Asia covered the opening of our VoloPort in Singapore and interviewed Skyports Managing Director Duncan Walker and Volocopter CEO Florian Reuter

A U.K. Company Is Building a Hub for Flying Taxis in Singapore | Bloomberg

A British company says it’s building the world’s first “vertiport” for electric aircraft in Singapore, an early step towards a global network for flying taxis.