Landing Infrastructure

Skyports is the leading infrastructure provider for the emerging Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry. We design, build, own and operate networks of vertiports enabling safe and efficient air taxi and cargo drone operations in the world’s major cities.

1. Site Acquisition

Skyports partner with landlords, local governments and large property owners to locate and acquire suitable sites for vertiports

2. Design & Build

Skyports designs cost-effective, rapidly deployable, vehicle-agnostic vertiports ensuring open-access for all vehicle operators

Case Study: Skyports partnered with the air taxi pioneer Volocopter to build the first vertiport prototype called ‘VoloPort’ in Singapore in October 2019.

3. Operate

Skyports runs airside and landside vertiport operations, ensuring safe and efficient aircraft arrival and departure and smooth customer journeys.

Vehicle agnostic

Our vertiports are open-access and designed for all vehicle types

Safety first

Our vertiports are designed to ensure the highest levels of safety and security and will be fully compliant with aviation regulations

Passenger experience

Our vertiports are cost-effective yet provide a comfortable and enjoyable passenger journey.

Where we are

Skyports has offices in London covering Europe and Middle East, in Los Angeles covering the Americas and in Singapore covering the Asia-Pacific region.

Skyports & Hanwha Systems partnership: our vision for the future

Video credit: Hanwha Systems

Backed by

Our investors comprise some of the world’s leading aviation and transport infrastructure providers.

Series B Raise

We are pleased to announce that we have recently finalised our Series B funding round, bringing in investors including;

Partner with us

Whether you’re a landlord looking to incorporate landing infrastructure into your property or a vehicle manufacturer, there is a proven Skyports solution for you.

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