Landing infrastructure

A connected infrastructure network is a key enabler for the deployment of urban air mobility services. Skyports are the first to market in securing, designing, building and owning passenger and cargo vertiports in the world’s major cities.

Latest cities

London Los Angeles Singapore

London is home to Skyports and as Europe’s only megacity with a population of nearly 10 million and fifth largest metropolitan economy in the world, it is anticipated to be one of the largest markets for urban air mobility.

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Los Angeles is the world’s most congested city and its notorious traffic problem begs for new solutions. LA is widely considered to be amongst the first adopter cities of urban air mobility services.

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Singapore is a clear pioneer in the urban air mobility sector and are currently developing their own automated unmanned traffic management (UTM) systems in support of passenger taxis and urban drone deliveries.

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Skyports in the News

Forward-thinking lands Skyports in drone infrastructure niche

Skyports is a London-based start-up on a mission to open the 3rd dimension – the sky – for regular transportation in cities. The company is seeking to establish a landing infrastructure network for passenger and cargo-carrying drones, and also has a goal to manage end-to-end cargo drone deliveries.

Aircraft company Volocopter is bringing to Singapore its first-ever air taxi ‘vertiport’ by end 2019 – and test flights are already planned

Skyports and Volocopter unveiled the Volo-Port concept at Greentech Festival 2019, to be used in Singapore later this year

“In Africa the drones get cheered on landing” – Unmanned Airspace interview with Duncan Walker of Skyports

Skyports Managing Director Duncan Walker chats with Unmanned Airspace about Skyports' Helsinki drone delivery project and the wider urban air mobility industry