Skyports and Volocopter have teamed up to design and develop the world's first vertiport. This full-scale prototype will be displayed in Singapore in October 2019 with live flights of the Volocopter 2X. This is the first step towards urban air mobility operations in cities around the world and Singapore is committed to being the first market for air taxi services. Skyports, in partnership with Volocopter, are working to make this a reality by early 2022.
The vertiport is designed to offer an exceptional passenger experience, whilst not compromising on safety and security. Its modular design can be easily adapted to fit rooftops, train stations, parking lots and other metropolitan locations. It will accommodate a wide range of electric air taxis, serving business travellers, tourists, emergency services and anyone else fed up of sitting in traffic.

Partner with us in Singapore and other major cities

Skyports is expanding into major cities around the world. If you think you have a suitable vertiport site please get in touch and we will make urban air mobility a reality together!