Drone Deliveries

Skyports develops, implements and operates end-to-end drone deliveries globally.

The Skyports drone delivery solution includes:

1) Top of the range drones, flight software and safety equipment

2) Qualified and experienced pilots and operators

3) Full regulatory application and approval


Transport medical products including pathology samples, blood and tissue products and medicine in purpose built vehicles


Rapidly dispatch packages to logistics hubs or directly to customers, improving the speed and quality of your service


Incorporate drones into logistics operations, including a just-in-time delivery service of critical components to industrial sites


Skyports has a range of proven drone solutions ready to be implemented into your supply chain

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Skyports in the News

Volocopter, Skyports To Open Vertiport in October

Volocopter and its ground infrastructure partner Skyports will open what they say is the world’s first vertiport for eVTOL aircraft in Singapore on October 21.

Forward-thinking lands Skyports in drone infrastructure niche

Skyports is a London-based start-up on a mission to open the 3rd dimension – the sky – for regular transportation in cities. The company is seeking to establish a landing infrastructure network for passenger and cargo-carrying drones, and also has a goal to manage end-to-end cargo drone deliveries.

Aircraft company Volocopter is bringing to Singapore its first-ever air taxi ‘vertiport’ by end 2019 – and test flights are already planned

Skyports and Volocopter unveiled the Volo-Port concept at Greentech Festival 2019, to be used in Singapore later this year