Drone Deliveries

Skyports is a drone delivery service provider offering cargo deliveries to our customers in the medical, e-commerce and logistics industries. We take care of the drones, technology, regulation and pilots, leaving our customers to benefit from the speed, frequency and integrity benefits that an unmanned drone delivery service can provide.

Service offering

1. Top of the range drones, software and safety equipment
2. Full regulatory application and approval

3. Qualified and experienced pilots and operators
4. Day to day operations and in-service support


Supply Chain Benefits:

Increase frequency and speed of transport of medical products such as pathology samples

Transport high-value / perishable cargo such as vaccines, medicine and organs through an on-demand service

2. E-commerce

Rapidly dispatch packages to logistics hubs or directly to customers, improving the speed and quality of your service

3. Logistics

Optimise your supply chain with the addition of drone delivery alongside your existing transport modes

1. Just in time (JIT) supply chains
  • Incorporate rapid delivery into manufacturing JIT supply chains
  • Reduce transport-related delays and associated costs

2. High value production
  • Minimise downtime within high value activities such as mining and oil production, through a rapidly deployed component/part replacement service 

3. Geographically restricted areas
  • Reduce cost and increase delivery speed and frequency through unmanned drones into hard-to-reach sites such as offshore oil rigs and ship-to-shore transports

Backed by

Our investors comprise some of the world’s leading aviation and transport infrastructure providers.

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If you're an organisation looking to introduce drone deliveries into your supply chain, there is a proven Skyports solution for you.

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