Reflecting on our Series A

Duncan Walker, Skyports Founder and CEO:Duncan Walker, Skyports Just under two years since we started Skyports, we have brought in external capital for the first time.  I am pleased not only because this gives us scope to drive our partnerships forward across multiple cities and build a best in class team, but because of the skillsets that our new investors bring.

In Groupe ADP we have a very experienced airport operator with 26 airports around the world.  They bring huge airside and landside expertise and also a diverse engineering skillset.

Deutsche Bahn is the second largest transportation company in the world.  They have a deep understanding of the infrastructure required to keep a transportation network operating efficiently.

Levitate Capital has been with us since the start of our journey and are rapidly becoming one of the pre-eminent investors in the urban aerial mobility (UAM) space.  Being part of their portfolio of companies continues to open a lot of doors.

The new capital allows us to build teams in multiple locations – we have recently opened offices in Singapore and on the west coast of the US – and continue to secure prime vertiport locations in markets that we hope will be first movers for UAM.  We are also growing the team within our drone deliveries business where our technology is now market leading and we are focused on commercialisation.

The rate of progress will increase over the next 24 months as vehicle manufacturers and authorities become even more focused on the path to market.  Initially the UAM market will be heavily supply constrained as vehicle manufacturers make the difficult transition from certifying vehicles to producing them at scale.  Our unique relationships with the majority of the leading OEMs enables us to support them and be in the right place at the right time.  Regulations are opening up for passenger and cargo flights and a number of players, both cities and vehicle manufacturers, are working hard to be first.

Our new investors are already helping to drive momentum.  If you are interested in being part of the journey, we have the ability to conclude a second close in the very near term.  Please get in touch.