The build up to Singapore – Building the world’s first passenger air taxi vertiport

With less than a week to go until Skyports unveils the world’s first passenger air taxi vertiport at the ITS World Congress in Singapore, we are pleased to report that final preparations are coming together.

The technical build-up of the “VoloPort” – our exciting collaboration between Skyports and Volocopter – is now in its final stages, with assembly on the float at Marina Bay nearing completion.  The VoloPort is highly versatile and has been deliberately designed as a modular structure, allowing it to be built off site and assembled on a variety of structures including rooftops and pontoons.

The VoloPort under construction

There is a considerable amount of work that is going into the VoloPort project in addition to the structure itself.  Throughout the demonstration week starting on October 21st, Skyports and Volocopter will be hosting a number of events and conferences at the ”VoloPort” including an infrastructure conference being attended by some of Singapore’s largest landlords and a workshop with Asian mayors and regulators focused on the future deployment of air taxi services in Asian megacities.

Beyond the events and conferences we will be hosting, we are excited to open the doors of the VoloPort to the public on Friday 25th October where visitors will receive a guided tour and demonstrations of the cutting-edge technology integrated within the VoloPort, including facial recognition and biometric check in.

A key objective of the showcase is to gather feedback on visitors’ experiences so we can develop our VoloPort offering.  We will also be utilising it as a test bed to run operational scenarios to inform VoloPort 2.0.

One of the highlights of the week will be the live demonstration by vehicle partner Volocopter who will be conducting a flight trial over Marina Bay.  The week will conclude with a cocktail party for our ecosystem partners.

We are delighted by the global media and press coverage we have received in the build-up to the VoloPort unveiling and the interest of Singaporean, Asian as well as global media outlets.  If you are unable to attend the ITS World Congress in person, please follow us on social media where you can follow the daily events as they unfold and receive the latest news:

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We are excited and looking forward to welcoming our investors, partners, politicians, landowners and the public to the VoloPort World Premier, our first major step towards the commercialisation of passenger air taxi services in Singapore and the rest of the world.