Solving Real Problems with Drone Delivery

At Skyports our ethos for drone delivery is simple.

We know that our customers have lots of logistics problems which need solving.

In a typical day, a customer may need to move paperwork from ship to shore, move manufacturing components between logistics warehouses and perform a large resupply to a remote output.

These problems cannot be solved with one drone. It takes a wide variety of drones with differing core technologies, flight profiles and payload adaptions in order to solve them.

This is why we are a drone operator, not a drone manufacturer. We know our customers don’t want to interact with multiple drone service providers. We work with our vehicle partners to develop market-leading delivery drones and then we operate these drones in order to reduce cost and improve service levels for customer’s supply chains.

We have developed a core technology stack comprising the flight controller, ground control station and communications protocols, which can be integrated into most drone platforms, ensuring that we can scale our drone delivery service quickly across our customer’s varying needs.

We’ve started with two vehicles with more to come.

Our multi-rotor delivery drone is specifically suited to urban environments due to its additional safety features. With the ability to carry 5kg up to 25km, the range of cargo applications is diverse. Our medical payload solution allows us to carry medical payloads within tested cold chain environments while meeting regulatory requirements for the transportation of sensitive goods.

Our tilt-rotor delivery drone is a long distance rural specialist. Leveraging its unique hybrid vehicle architecture, it takes off like a helicopter, before transitioning to fixed-wing flight for maximum flight time endurance. As a result the drone can carry 6kg up to 60km or 2kg up to a 100km. It’s aerodynamic payload box has the ability to carry payload within a cold chain environment and can be fitted with a unique tether system to lower it’s payload slowly to the ground while hovering.

We are currently working with other vehicle partners to bring additional vehicles to our fleet. With the development of heavy payload drones from the likes of Elroy Air, Animal Dynamics and Dronamics, the days of a drone-van replacement are closer than you think.

Get in touch with us if you have a logistics problem you need solving!